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Jan 06
Tattoo Prices Guide: How Much Will My Tattoo Cost

Each tattoo is unique and different and prices will vary depending on a number of…

Dec 27
How to get a Walk-in Tattoo Without Regrets

Even though we don't see any reason why you would just walk in to a tattoo shop near…

Dec 12
Small, Medium or Big: How Much Does a Tattoo Cost Based on Size?

As we explained in our Tattoo Prices Guide, a number of factors influence the final…

Nov 13
Tales of the Tattooed: An Anthology of Ink

A new book, 'Tales of the Tattooed: An Anthology of Ink' collects thirteen stories…

Feb 19
How To Get More Tattoo Clients

With shops popping up like mushrooms and more people looking to get in to the growing…


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