Delicate and elegant, simple or incredibly intricate, relatively new, fine line tattoo style is growing in popularity. Characterized by clean, crisp, fluid lines, often featuring floral motifs, thinly outlined shapes and ornaments. 

Fine Line Tattoo by Melany Ariza

Fine line tattoos are characterized by simple, very thin and delicate lines, almost as if they were drawn on a piece of paper with a very fine pen. Even though fine line tattoos don’t usually include shading or colour, artists will use dots or slightly stronger lines to give the tattoos some dimension and legibility. Some grey wash or diluted colour can be nicely incorporated in the design.

Fine Line Style Features

  • Very thin lines
  • Often simple, small designs
  • Delicate look
  • Less colour

Fine line tattoos are very popular first time tattoos, mostly because of their delicate aesthetic and discreetness but also because the tattooing process causes less trauma to the skin and less pain. 

With delicate lines, the needle doesn’t need to go as deep as it would to achieve thicker lines or areas of solid, saturated ink. With fine line tattoos, artist will use a single tattoo needle, or a needle with three tips. That allows for the level of detail needed for a fine line tattoo.

The nature of fine line tattoos require a steady hand, does not allow several passes, and gives a lot less room for mistakes, making it a very demanding tattoo style to master.

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