Tattoo on man's forearm saying "Work Hard"

How to get a Walk-in Tattoo Without Regrets

Even though we don’t see any reason why you would just walk in to a tattoo shop near you, ask for an available tattoo artist and get a tattoo of the flash wall, but if that’s what you want to do, we wan to help you avoid any regrets.

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Questions and Answers about Tattoos

Tattoo Q&A: Do Fine Line Tattoos Fade

Fine line or single needle tattoos, when done right, do not fade any faster than other tattoo styles do. Just make sure you find the right artist, keep your tattoo protected, and you’ll have a beautiful, crisp tattoo for years to come. Here are some tips on how to have an amazing fine line tattoo:

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Tales of the Tattooed: An Anthology of Ink

A new book, ‘Tales of the Tattooed: An Anthology of Ink’ collects thirteen stories from the rare books and literary magazines of the British Library vaults that all revolve around the art form of body modification, ranging from the late-Victorian era to the mid-1950s, proving that the tattoo’s place in literature is more than just skin-deep.

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